GameEx 9.45 Released

14th August, 2008    



This is a major release and would not have been possible without the hard work of Flash (AKA GreatGlash) and Headkaze.

The changes are fully listed below but the two big enhancments are that now version 4 themes have been fully implemented, giving GameEx powerfull skinning capabilites that we would have all liked from the beginning. The Theme Editor has been updated thanks to the hard work of Headkaze. In addition database support has been greatly improved within GameEx and Flash has very kindly updated 90% of the databases with the following been completely finalised - Saturn, Colecovision, PC-FX, Dreamcast, and a brand new Future Pinball database. Flash was also instrumental in fixing and perfecting the database support in GameEx.

  • Version 4 themes
    • Theme Editor version 2
    • Support second image
    • Run at any reslution with rescaling
    • Convert between all theme versions and resize. The Theme Editor will now allow you to create a new version of and convert any existing GameEx theme.
  • Databases
    • Includes Flash's new dbases.
    • New Biography page when using v3/v4 themes
    • When loading databases (for the fist time, prior to caching), GameEx will try an exact match of the rom first before trying with removed brackets and removed version number etc.
    • Setting in advanced config to use the name field from the database instead of the formatted rom name. If on this will override a pre set map file.
    • Fixes various database issues
    • Emulator Groups now fully support databases
    • Fixes all known issues with database support
  • Fixes/Changes
    • Please wait animation now shows when extracting games when using zip/7-zip support.
    • Fixes to snap matching
    • Several Performance/Caching enhancements
    • Fixes bug when pressing maximize button on window for second time.
    • Fixes issue where emulator list and database wouldn't use cache when using 7-zip/zip support
    • Smoother display/animations on slower systems. Please report issues.
    • Fixes Videos/DVD/Karaoke playing on primary monitor when set to run on secondary

As always feedback and requests are actively encouraged.