GameEx 9.52

4th September, 2008    

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  • The media library module has been improved to allow viewing a slide show and one click queuing of all audio in a folder
  • There is a new setting which is on by default, where GameEx will check for DVD/CD or removable drive insertion, and ask if you wish to play a dvd, cd or browse the contents with the media library upon insertion of the media. Windows may steel focus from GameEx if its set to do things on media insertion so if you want to use this feature where GameEx is pretty much all that's run on the machine then you should turn this off in windows.
  • Fixes slide show transitions showing wrongly
  • BIOS images are now automatically filtered in the MAME list
  • Fixes Mr Driller not playable with Zinc
  • Manx TT added to model 2 support
  • Fixes back naviation issue when using emulator databases
  • Thanks to Flash new ScummVM database and configuration. Note: A manual install is required to get updated databases now and in the future
  • Updated to latest Bass audio libraries
  • GameEx will now properly resume from a system suspend/stand by
  • New options to use an external DVD software for Playing a DVD and DVDs on disk. This was put in place primarily for WinDVD 9 because of its great upscaling features
  • Fixes crash issue in Karoake when pressing left or resume
  • Other minor fixes
  • Please report any issues on the forums