GameEx 9.63

12th November, 2008    


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  • GameLauncher Mode:
    • Lots of improvements and fixes here. Now supports the favorites, most played, and last played list along with the game information page. A MAME list update can be performed, and the issue with custom mame lists is resolved. The presentation of the list over the background snap or video has also been greatly improved.
  • Hiding windows:
    • When hiding the taskbar GameEx will also hide the start button on Vista Systems.
    • When the desktop is set to be hidden, GameEx will also turn off window animations, so launching between games and returning to GameEx is now totally seemless.
    • The Hide Desktop setting is now on by default on new installs.
    • If the GameEx process is unexpectedly ended and the desktop is not restored, GameEx will restore the wallpaper on next launch.
  • Smooth as silk:
    • Transitions have been improved. The 2D transition is now a little slower and smoother, and GameEx will load the first snap or video in the next list while the list is off screen. This makes everything look really nice, especially on HD displays.
  • Skinning extensibility:
    • GameEx now supports snap/video logos for categories, manufacturers, and years. These should be placed in a folder named 'database' within the Themes logo folder.
    • Transparant (Color Keyed) video logos are now supported. Simply suffix an AVI or MNG filename with '_TRANS' (before extenstion)
    • I look forward to seeing what people come up with.
  • Screensaver:
    • The screensaver will now run even if not using MAME.
    • Fixes turn off display screen saver mode
  • MAME Support:
    • Extra formatting is performed on the Manufacturer list to group companies together. For example Atari and Atari games becomes Atari. A list update is required.
  • Also in this release:
    • New GameEx ICON
    • Fixes key/joystick repeat issue.
    • New cmd line option -glaunch to launch GameEx in GameLauncher mode. There is also a shortcut in the program group.
    • Turning off Anti Alias on fonts now does just that and not set it at the system default.