GameEx 9.66

17th November, 2008    
  • Now has high score support for supported MAME games thanks to Fyrecrypts project. For supported games and if enabled you will see an option on the game info page to show high scores for a game. For more info on the project please see Here on BYOAC. Feel free to get involved in the project. There's a few of us helping out, and Ill be providing some hosting for it shortly. A special thanks to Fyrecrypts, NOP and Headkaze.
  • Improved control support when playing videos in the video player. Fixes a key repeating issue, and video skips are now a more friendly 20 seconds instead of 30
  • Improved support for displaying GameEx on a secondary display. GameEx will now run in ful screen windowed mode on the secondary display, and continue to be accessible when working on the primary display. Im assuming this is going to be better for everyone, but if it's a problem for you please let me know on the forums.