GameEx 9.67

19th November, 2008    

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New ISO mounting support
  • GameEx now features simple to use ISO mounting support
  • To enable it it needs to be selected during install of GameEx. It has been bundled with the install Karaoke option. Just select the checkbox on install.
  • DVDs on disk now support ISOs for both the internal and any external player. If using windvd9 as an external player BluRay ISO images will play. You don't need to do anything special to use the ISO support with DVDs on disk. Just set the paths as normal, and ensure ISO support is installed.
  • For Emulators its now very simple to have mounting support.
  • Assuming your files for the emulator are ISOs just add [-VIRTUALDRIVE-] to the emulator command line setting to tell GameEx it should just mount the image. That's it, no more complicated launch before and launch after scripts.
    • Example: unz.exe -fs[-VIRTUALDRIVE-]
  • If you wish to put the drive letter of the mounted image into the command line use [VIRTUALDRIVE] ie without the dashes.
    • Example: powerdvd.exe [VIRTUALDRIVE]:\
  • Ive updated all the default emulator configs to use the new in built support.
  • The feature also supports BIN and CUE files for emulators.
  • Images are automatically unmounted.