GameEx 9.71

4th December, 2008    
  • With a lot of help from Headkaze (Ben) the video libraries have been updated in GameEx. This means the following
    • Now works with latest version of FFDSHOW
    • Startup video can be in any supported format
    • Can preview any supported video type including DVDs on disk
    • Create snaps for videos is now much faster and more user freindly
    • Can now play FLV files (assuming FFDSHOW installed)
    • Movies and DVDs now use latest MS SDKs
    • Also fixes an issue playing DVDs/Videos full screen, and issue when previewing videos in the video module the previews would not always show
    • I can't thank Ben enough for his help with this
    • Make sure you uninstall existing codecs before installing the latest version of FFDSHOW