GameEx 9.94

28th March, 2009    


Ive tried to perfect and optimize a few things with this release mainly the input system. There's also a new merge feature for lists.
  • Input:
    • ALL keyboard controls are now configurable, that means you can specifiy specific keys for volume and page up/down among others. This is of course welcome for control panels, but should also allow a wider range of remote controls to be used
    • Directions are now customizable for game pads. Useful for control panels and if you want to navigate the interface with a d pad
    • As with keyboard controls, now multiple buttons can be set to perform the same navigation functions with gamepads
    • The global gamepad exit combo is now read and set in custominput.ini instead of previously being fixed
    • If using an advanced emulator config, and not mapping the gamepad exit combo within that, GameEx will now check for the global exit combo
  • Merge feature:
    • There is a new merge feature for emulators that will list distinclty only one item for all clones with the same file name. When selecting the parent, the clones will be displayed on the info page. This can work in conjuction with the existing zip/7-zip support if wished. In addition Flag icons for merged and goodmerged games now work with NoIntro and Tosec format on the game info page
  • Other changes:
    • The MAME only mode now also allows access to favorites, last played, most played, and random game
    • The MAWS live list is now working again