GameEx 9.95

1st April, 2009    
GameEx 9.95 brings what I think is one of the nicest core features implemented in quite some time. Via en emulator map configuration file (available from the start menu group or in the config folder) specific mame games or mame game types can be configured to launch with other emulators in GameEx. Daphne is also supported. This I believe is similar in function to MultiMame. The feature is quite powerfull and should support any scenario where you wish to use an alternate version of MAME or a faster or woriking emulator. Also with this release the MAME list update has been optimized and is a fair bit faster. There is a new hibernate option on the exit menu, and a new custom input feature to allow shutdown or hibernate of the pc with a key combo. Finally the theme editor has been updated (thanks Ben) with a new option to hide the game info/selected item text. No April fools joke this year. Just a cool GameEx update.