GameEx Multiplatform (Unity) Alpha

2nd February, 2024    

This is something I started in 2020. I have not made much progress until recently but now have the Windows x64 version nearly completed.

It originally started as a separate project but now it uses the same code base. 

Please consider an alpha version at this point just for feedback and testing. If you are new here please use the other GameEx installs.

The benefits of the multiplatform version:
- Few or no external dependencies. Just Unity/Mono.
- Eventually versions for other platforms such as Linux and Android.
- Setup will be web based leveraging GameEx online,
- Everything uses the same code base. All versions get updates.

- There is video support but no MKV support just yet.
- Will be missing some features but both Arcade and regular GameEx will be supported.



Extract to a location with write access. Then run one of three executables.

Download here