Spesoft-GameEx Wiki

25th April, 2014    

As you may have noticed a new link entitled Wiki recently appeared in the forum navigation header.  Well today we are pleased to announce the official grand opening of the Spesoft-GameEx Wiki!




We feel like this wiki has the potential to become an incredible source of knowledge and documentation for GameEx, PinballX, and for Emulation in general.  You, yes you are vital to that endeavor!  This is your wiki!  Our community has an amazingly deep body of knowledge in regards to all things emulation!  If you have special emulation knowledge you would like to share this is your chance to become a pillar of the community.  Your friends will be so impressed!  Feel free to create pages, add helpful knowledge to existing articles, and evolve this wiki into something amazing!


Your wiki is freely available for anyone to browse, and for any registered user to edit as they see fit.  The Wiki login is linked to your forum login, so every time you are logged into the forum you are also logged into the wiki.  If you change the password on your forum account that will be reflected in your Wiki account, etc.


Are you pumped yet!?  Great!  Here’s some links to help you get started:

We are targeting a few general guidelines for the wiki.  In addition of following some general guidelines of wiki etiquette we would ask that we keep the wiki dedicated to emulation guides and documentation.  Specifically we would ask that the wiki is not used for general file storage and whatnot since we have various other outlets that are more appropriate for those endeavors.  That’s it!  The biggest guideline is have fun and be bold!


For those interested in the technical details the Wiki is built on the MediaWiki framework, which is the same engine that powers Wikipedia.