GameEx on Linux

14th January, 2015    

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If you just generally like playing around with hardware and software (like me) then this tip is for you.

Although just experimental I am going to explain how you can get GameEx to install and run on the latest version of Ubuntu Linux.

1. Install Ubuntu (obviously!)
2. Download the regular GameEx setup from
3. Search for and install PlayOnLinux from the software center.
4. Choose to install another unlisted program.
5. Install as 32-bit and name it GameEx.
6. Choose to install some libraries and you want to install .net framework 2 SP2.
7. Then install gameexsetup.exe from your downloads in your home folder.
8; Run through GameEx setup and accept all the prompts.
9. Scroll down and select the GameEx.exe shortcut.
9. Finish the PlayOnLinux wizard.
10. Play GameEx!

Have fun!