GameEx tip time

29th December, 2014    

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Hopefully I can make this a regular thing but if you use GameEx you will know its packed with features and settings so I thought I woud try and post a few little tips from time to time that will help you have a better experience with the frontend.

Todays tip is about Emumovies video snaps.

Now emumovies is unique and a great asset but the game snap videos are not really designed with the Gameex interface in mind and have a fade in effect and delay when you normally want them to display instantly in GameEx.

If your video snaps are stored on a local hard disk you can fix this problem with the "Seek Video Previews" setting in the "Tweaks and performance" section of the desktop or online setup wizard.

Simply turn on this setting and on modern systems you will see the game previews start instantly without the fade.