PayPal billing bug in Invision 4

16th March, 2016    


reglan redirect
Please note there is an intermitent bug we have since we upgraded to Invision 4 a few weeks ago at

Sometimes payments are not being recognised by the portal but people are still getting charged in PayPal.

Invision are working on the issue but if the payment does not go through please do not make multiple payments as they are being charged at PayPal.

I will of course refund them and there is no need to immediately raise disputes with PayPal or do other stilly things without contacting me first.

If it takes me several hours to respond to you it just means I am not on your time zone and sleeping or out of the office temporarily.

The issue only occurs sometimes and I don't have an ETA on a fix from Invision so please continue as usual and just let me know if you have any issues.

I make my email address publicly available and I always handle any billing or registration issues with you directly. For anything else please post on the forums.