PinballlX 2.1

19th December, 2015    
A significant update to the popular digital pinball frontend
  • Enhanced Pinball FX2 support
    • Support for versions with and without the new cabinet support
    • Can rotate display and switch to portrait mode.
    • If auto position DMD set will automatically position the DMD form and remove borders (older versions).
    • Support for both command line and non command line.
    • Command line support is automatically detected from arguments now and the wait for setting should be used so additional keystrokes can be sent.
  • Official integrated Pinball Arcade support.
    • Will rotate screen and set portrait mode automatically. (Note: you should configure Pinball Arcade first.)
    • Support for list item in game manager.
  • New command line argument setting:
  • [TABLEFILEWOEXT] to remove the filename extension.
  • This release contains some changes to how PinballX works when launching with the addition of a new form. Please report any issues on the forum.