PinballX 2.19

1st June, 2016    
This is a special release of PinballX

The goal is to automate and make easier the setup of Visual Pinball for newcomers. Note for experienced users: Some of the new settings and features are defaults for new installs of PinballX.

First of all is if the installer detects Visual PinMAME is not installed it will download and install Visual Pinball then set the required settings for PinballX. The intaller I have written is based on Toxies install but a little more automated. Thanks Toxie for that.

In addition joystick and keyboard settings are set for all versions of Visual Pinball based on the settings in PinballX and Visual Pinball is auto configured along with setting it to full screen. Again note these settings are optional but on by default for new installs.

I also automate the B2S positiiong based on the backglass setting in PnballX.

Finally new features have been added to the game manager to make it easier to add tables and B2S files including the ability to extract archives and scan within them.

Again these features are aimed at newcomers. I woulkd appreciate any feedback on this