SlingBox HTPC Front End

10th March, 2013    

Introducing a new Spesoft project

Slingfront - HTPC (10 foot) Front End for Slingboxes

Slingfront is windows front end software built to allow access to your Slingboxes in a media center, HTPC 10 foot environment. Ie For viewing on a TV with a remote control.

  • Usable without a mouse
  • Works with the SlingBox 350 and 500 and older SlingBoxes
  • Minimal Configuration Required
  • Full screen 10 foot interface
  • Windows remote control support
  • Customizable keyboard controls
  • Supports proxy server
  • Supports up to 7 Slingboxes

This is fan based hobbyist software and not endorsed or associated by or with Sling Media.

The project is free open source software. Source code is available on

Click Here to download

For any questions, support or requests for the software there is a SlingFront forum here.