Upscaled MAME videos

26th June, 2020    

Upscaling MAME videos

The next version of Convert-It video converter features upscaling provided by waifu2x. It requires a good NVidia GPU..

Waifu2x is a powerful image upscaler for Anime and cartoon based images. What people do not realize is this upscaler also works incredibly well for retro video game graphics.

I've started a project to upscale the standard MAME video distribution. The results are impressive. When complete these will be freely available. I chose to convert them to 800x600 and 600x800 for vertical. This allows for further good upscaling from video players and allows for a faster convert, and also keeps the flavor of the original games.

The new version of Convert-It will be available shortly and here are some sample videos that have been completed.