Windoze Solitaire

3rd August, 2012    

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Windoze Solitaire by Headsoft is the greatest collection of Solitaire games for iOS you will ever play.

Solitaire for Windows users have been spoilt over the years with three of the greatest and most popular Solitaire games of all time; Klondike, Spider and Freecell. Now, we bring these games to iOS for free, keeping the original feel but bringing a fresh new modern look and simple intuitive control system.

We create a truly unique experience with our bold and easy to read cards, amazing animation, relaxing audio, and support for all rotations. We even have an amazing 3D mode that makes it feel more like you're playing real Solitaire.

Cards can be moved using a double tap or by dragging them to their destination. Included are all the classic modes of Klondike, Spider and Freecell for free, along with an extra 80 unlockable games. There is also a fun Versus mode so you can challenge your friends.

Windoze Solitaire is totally customizable allowing you to take photos for your own cards or backgrounds as well as including a great selection of decks, tables, and backgrounds to choose from.

Windoze Solitaire by Headsoft is the greatest Solitaire experience you will ever have. We believe we have made the ultimate Solitaire game, which is why we say: Solitaire just got pwned!

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