13th November, 2012    

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This is a simple XBMC VPN add on for Windows.

Unzip and run the executable to configure and install. Once you have entered the details and accepted, the plugin will install and be available as a program in XBMC as VPN - Dial and VPN - Disconnect.

There is no license other than no liability for use of is accepted and no warranty given. Otherwise you may do whatever you wish with this.

This was written for myself and is for windows only and there is no internal XBMC configuration available as that suits my needs.

It supports a single RAS connection or customised connection via command line.

It requires .net framework 2 sp 1 for the exe configuration and install application or you can just modify launch.bat and copy to your XBMC addons folder.

It can probably be easily modified to run under Linux or Mac but if you know how to do that you have probably no need for this plugin.

Read more and get it here.