Spesoft Backup

Spesoft Backup provides you with a fast, powerful, stable and robust way to allow you to backup changes to a folder to another folder, network location or FTP site. It will also produce a command line to run the job again or automatically for scheduling.


  • The application intelligently only copies changed files when running the job again.
  • Stable and fast multithreaded FTP transfer.
  • If failure occurs due to network failure, will start off right where it left off, and ensures all files are copied.
  • Fastest technique possible to backup to FTP site, only sending changed files.
  • Backup terabytes of data.
  • Simple wizard interface, ideal for novices.
  • Powerful command line interface for scheduling jobs
  • Both console and windows based.
  • Full rotating log files.
  • Install comprises of only single exe file.
  • No system files, registry usage. Is a clean application.
  • Ideal for backing up dedicated web servers, or hard drive volumes with 100's of gigabytes
  • Backup remote network shares as the application provides the ability to login to remote servers and domains.
  • Simple profile saving via batch files, which can be easily scheduled with windows scheduler
  • Low resource and CPU usage.
  • Simply filter files and folder, and easily login to ftp servers.


Current version: 1.50 Download Spesoft Backup (970KB)

There is a forum here which is for support, questions, requests, comments and anything else for Spesoft Backup.


Version history:

21st August 2012 -1.50
Vastly improved speed of FTP transfers.

1st November 2010 -1.40
Improved robustness of FTP uploads and connections

21st November 2008 -1.30
Improved stability

10th February 2008 - 1.20
Fix to UNC paths

28th December 2007 - 1.10
Various fixes and enhancements.
If using 1.00 its highly recommended you upgrade

15th August 2006 - 1.00
Initial release.